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4/23 – Moving Ottawa Towards 100% Renewable Energy: Learns from Burlington, VT

OREC in partnership with 1125 @ Carleton and Ottawa city councillor David Chernushenko invite you for an evening of possibility where we will hear from Mr. Neale F. Lunderville, Interim General Manager of Burlington Electric Department and board member of the Preservation Trust of Vermont, Vermont Long Term Disaster Recovery Group and Champlain College together with Kenneth A. Nolan, Manager of ...

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5/2 – Degrowth Paradigm, Public Lecture

The Degrowth Paradigm: Can Society Survive without Growth? OREC and 350 Ottawa are hosting this public event: This image requires an alt attribute. The ‘Degrowth Paradigm’ is gaining steam here and abroad as individuals grapple with a planet heading toward certain peril. In this presentation, Jim Merkel, author of Radical Simplicity, will discuss why the ‘Growth is Good’ and ‘Growth ...

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